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The Ravensburger Museum Guide.


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The Ravensburger Museum was looking for its own printed guide. It needed to blend seamlessly into the existing brand profile and accompany visitors on their way through the museum exhibits - in German and English.
Welcoming, richly illustrated, informative – this is how the museum guide should look. It follows a path through the rooms and offers a balanced blend of insights and detailed views, of facts and background information. The title conveys the museum in a nutshell: historic rooms and modern transposition, brand promise and visitor experience. Across 68 pages the museum guide provides guidance; it tells the story of the company, the brand and the historic building and explains the exhibition concept and exhibits. The modest layout gives the rooms an attractive appearance; the headlines are a joy to read. The museum guide is both a visit companion and something to read. It was produced in German and English, and is available to buy in the museum. Last but not least: With its square format and premium execution, it is another mosaic tile in the Ravensburger brand profile.

When the museum guide becomes a collector’s item.

Many visitors enjoyed leafing through the square guide so much during their museum visit that they bought another at the end – to read or display. As a result, the museum guide was sold out on some days.
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Antje Koch
Project Management / Public Relations