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The sales tool for disruptively introducing Sappi Galerie Brite Plus.


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The market for graphic papers is not known for technical revolutions, but for the status quo. There are volume papers and glossy papers. Until now, it has not been possible to manufacture a glossy volume paper.

In 2017, Sappi succeeded in breaking this status quo with a new technology: a paper that combines a glossy surface with a high volume. This creates a new and unique product on the market: Galerie Brite Plus combines the benefits of both papers and offers completely new possibilities for printed products.

Our task: to explain something complicated that has not existed until now in the most simplified manner. The challenge: to explain this disruptive product and its benefits in an understandable and comprehensible way for publishers.

Galerie Brite Plus offers benefits that have never existed before and that function differently depending on the type and objective of a printed product. Galerie Brite Plus is not only disruptive for the paper market, but also for its own sales department. Depending on the contact person, the sales department has to demonstrate the complex advantages of the product in a different way.

The sales department was looking for a flexible tool that could be taken to all potential customers to introduce them to the special benefits of Galerie Brite Plus. There was also a need to provide room to accommodate proofs.
The sales contacts for Galerie Brite Plus sales are magazine publishers and catalogue producers. Both are very stable target groups that are very cost-conscious. It is therefore crucial to show them how much they benefit from Galerie Brite Plus, most importantly compared to the papers they currently use. An off-the-shelf solution was therefore not possible.

The book form has two functions: 1. The sales tool is similar in appearance to a product from the target groups. One page provides a catalogue and focuses on the benefits for its producers. The other page does the same for magazines. 2. The inner section offers enough space to illustrate the facts and benefits of Galerie Brite Plus in an understandable way and to accommodate the proofs.

The sales tool shows the facts and benefits of Galerie Brite Plus in the form of short bullet points and attractive graphics. In this way, the sales department is supported during its conversation, but is not tempted to simply read off the facts. The sales pitch benefits enormously from this


Agnes Pilar
Project Management


Jessica Holly
Communication Design


Michael Meier
Managing Director

Successful discussions on a disruptive paper.

Our sales tool has been translated into 4 languages and distributed to the sales department at Sappi throughout Europe. The tool was very well received by the various sales departments. Introductory talks with the target groups were successful. Further copies are now being produced, even for the American market, where Galerie Brite Plus will be launched in 2018.
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