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Sick AG is among the world’s leading manufacturers of sensors and sensor system for industrial applications. Continuous growth and the evolution from Black Forest-based innovator to global player meant Sick had to review its philosophy. Since the visual presentation had already been modernised with two annual reports, now the task was to develop a mission statement that corresponds to the new self-image of the company – and also: accompanies growth and success of the brand in a dynamic way.
A mission statement defines the ethical and strategic guard rails of a company. It formulates goals and value, provides direction and sense. The prerequisite for a functioning mission statement is the honesty through which it emerges. It requires critical self-reflection, which gets to the heart of the corporate identity with increasing density.

We supervised the development of a new mission statement in an intensive process. The analysis of existing corporate statements led to the definition of core values and the formulation of the mission statement. In order to widely protect what had been developed, it was sent on a test track through the company and discussed with international management personnel. In order to bundle the mission statement into a central message, we developed a concise claim: “Sensor Intelligence” – a strong brand promise externally, as well as duty and motivation internally.

We compiled a special package of measures to implement the mission statement: the key medium was a bilingual brochure that explained the mission statement and claim. It is deliberately designed to be brief – no image diverts from the content. Employees received a personal copy upon the launch of the mission statement. Text banners and presentation boards in the foyer of the head office gave the mission statement conspicuous presence and invited discussion.

The new claim also came into action quickly: as a supplement to the company logo in all communication – from the website and brochures to advertisements. The look and content of image advertisements, in particular, is heavily influenced by the mission statement.


Michael Meier
Managing Director

A feel for the brand.

Sick AG is growing continuously. Since the joint brand relaunch, the number of employees has more than doubled. Of course, that’s not simply due to our work. But Schindler Parent has made a significant contribution nevertheless. Ultimately the claim is still used after more than a decade. As we indeed had the right feel for the brand.
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Michael Meier
Managing Director
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