A Question
Of Drive.

The Sinamics Campaign For Siemens.


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When Siemens does anything, it does it properly. Meaning the company doesn't just produce frequency converters, but rather frequency converters for every task requiring a drive. Regardless of whether it concerns pumping, ventilating and sealing, or moving, processing or manufacturing. Regardless of the task at hand – Siemens can provide the right converter. And that's what we should communicate.
And that is what we have communicated – using a motif that symbolically picks up every possible user (i.e. everyone) where they left off, irrespective of the goals they are pursuing: At a hugely complex intersection of paths which do not fully reveal where the drive should lead. And we didn't just propose any intersection of paths, but rather an aerial shot capturing a birds eye view directly above Hyde Park – because no other collection of paths intersect more beautifully.

However, anyone with an ounce of imagination can only begin to grasp the security measures in place – given the direct vicinity to Kensington Palace and the media helicopters circling with camera crews – and perhaps just how much effort went into organising such a feat. The result was a motif that encapsulates one thing above all: the interest and curiosity of target groups to discover what it's all about – and with a great degree of success.

The campaign was put into action in print media, on the web and in brochures; it also appeared in German and English as well as for other languages.


Sebastian Schnell
Group Head Projekt Management 


Christoph Siwek
Group Head Text


Johannes Kretz
Group Head Art

Peak values of up to 86% in the copy test.

Siemens never does things by halves. The company always tests the knock-on effect. Several times if need be. During the copy tests by Tele Research and Vogel Business Media our SINAMICS ads achieved peak values of 86% for an appealing design and 74% for the ad’s overall impression respectively. Our ads were able to deliver a stunning result in almost all categories thanks to above-average performance, often topping the table of results (e.g. texts read, brand awareness, images). We were of course thrilled by the result. And Siemens too.
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Sebastian Schnell