Communicating complex information
in a clear and credible manner.

The new brand identity for Stiftung Liebenau.


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Initiated in 1870, Stiftung Liebenau is based on Catholicism and is active as a non-profit social, healthcare and educational enterprise in Germany, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, Slovakia and Bulgaria. With around 6,750 employees and over 300 institutions and services, the group is one of the largest in the industry.

Because of a brand diversity which has grown over the years, the company has initiated a comprehensive brand reinforcement process in the course of a strategic new-orientation and entrusted

Schindler Parent with the implementation.

The aim of this project was to convey the identity of Stiftung Liebenau with its Christian core values and to clearly communicate the complex offering for people in need of help.
Even in the market of social services, the competition is increasingly intensifying; as a result, it is becoming more and more important for providers in this industry to represent themselves clearly and distinctively. It was thus our task to work out what makes Stiftung Liebenau unique and to translate this into a well-structured and consistent presence.

More efficiency, more impact.

Where strong growth led to increasingly complex structures and various subsidiaries were communicating more and more independently, sight of the overall picture was lost – both externally on the market and within the company itself. The ‘We’ feeling of staff was based on small structures; expenditure for communication was on the whole greater.

A uniform brand presence has huge potential here. For a start, it makes the use of resources – be it development, manufacturing or distribution expenditure – more efficient. When things are communicated through an umbrella brand, synergies emerge, perceptibility on the market increases and more target groups can be reached with less effort.

As well as this, a uniform brand presence has a positive effect within the company: It creates a meaningful connection between all employees and enhances the ‘We’ feeling.
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