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Philosophy and image films of Stiftung Liebenau.


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During the brand reinforcement process, the focus was also on strengthening the brand emotionally – externally and internally. A central medium for this should be a formulated philosophy, a mission statement. It should contain and re-charge the defined core values and motto of Stiftung Liebenau.

The medium of film also plays an important role in the new brand presence. A series of films placed centrally on the website are intended to reinforce the Stiftung Liebenau brand, whilst at the same time communicating its expertise.
The formulated philosophy was transformed effectively into an image film for the Stiftung Liebenau brand. It thus becomes an important medium to meaningfully communicate the brand values, both internally and externally

In accordance with the new brand architecture, a series of information films on fields of work was developed alongside the image film. These highlight the offerings more specifically. The speaker’s text informs about the specialist services in a concise manner. The foundation’s motto is the central message and the identical ending of all films: “In our middle - the individual”.

Stylistically, every film comes from a single source: Vivid, authentic portraits of people being cared for shape the imagery – consistent with the brand’s new photo style –, a speaker’s text communicates the stance and service offering of Stiftung Liebenau, and emotional music reinforces the suggestive power. One detail is apparently emphasised: The music from the image film is varied in the films of the task fields – creating both connection and difference at the same time.

Into the heart of the brand.

Only once do you need to put yourself in the shoes of someone who is looking for a good place for their disabled child or the right support for their parents. How is this searched for? How is the decision made? In this process, communication plays a significant role.

Here, the suggestively formulated philosophy can contribute to reinforcing the believability and trustworthiness of the entire foundation and communicate meaningful appreciation and a ‘We’ feeling internally.

With the films for Stiftung Liebenau, we offer insights into the facilities and dealings with people with restrictions or persons in need of care. A picture says more than a thousand words: Even before somebody has to tackle the service offering and concrete questions in detail, the films draw them in and gives them a helping hand, so that they can say ‘yes’ with strong arguments and a good feeling.

The fact that the films on the homepage can be clicked on by both the foundation and the task fields, its function of being a door opener – both to the diverse offerings of the foundation and to the heart of the brand – is emphasised.
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Michael Meier

Managing Director