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Sto AG is one of the most successful producers of construction materials in Europe. This direct distributor from the Black Forest is the acknowledged market leader in the field of external thermal insulation composite systems (ETICS). For quite some time now, cutthroat competition within the industry has resulted in a flood of competitors for every construction site. This means it’s time for Sto to reinforce its position.
In contrast to many of its competitors, the Sto brand doesn’t define itself by its low prices, but rather by its high quality. Due to constantly declining prices, it is in fact crucial to establish a clear, qualitative differentiation from the competition. This includes refining the brand’s profile and focusing on its core areas of expertise and business: Facade systems.

What’s more, the brand’s market dominance needed to be developed even further, along the lines of ‘Sto, the professional brand – for construction professionals only’. We chose a focused strategy: The thematic thread ‘quantifiably better’ runs through the entire spectrum of communication. The advantages of the product and system can be measured objectively and used as a weapon against the competition. Consistent arguments for usefulness based on the ‘quantifiably better’ idea can be seen in everything from the initial briefing and all measures and activities to the informational materials used by the sales force.


Michael Meier
Managing Director

With ‘quantifiably better’, Sto generates quantifiably better reactions.

A panel of architecture experts has confirmed: The Sto brand is unequivocally number one in the four categories of Preference, Experience, Favour and Relevance, meaning that it is the brand with the highest level of awareness amongst architects. Trade-fair appearances in Munich, Leipzig and Berlin caused a huge sensation and drew visitors like a magnet. A manufacturer of semi-finished goods and basic materials became a brand that is highly competent in construction-industry systems.
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Michael Meier
Managing Director
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