It doesn’t get any more convenient.

The Südkurier digital campaign.


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The regional newspaper in Constance provides a comprehensive range of information about current regional topics – for some time now, it has been providing it in digital format as well. As part of a major sales campaign, the SÜDKURIER has created an attractive package combining the digital newspaper and the new iPad Air 2, and Schindler Parent has created a suitable campaign for it. As a goal, a number of orders was defined, which was described by the customer themselves as “very ambitious”.
Promoting the digital newspaper without opening fire at its printed brother. That was the hurdle in this campaign. And the all important question was: “What do readers value in a digital newspaper?” Our creative planning process supplied the answer, insight from target groups: Comfort. The whole idea of our campaign was based on this. We show that SÜDKURIER Digital is the solution for reading with convenience – whenever and wherever you want.

It doesn’t get more successful than that.

The impressive result of the bundle campaign: More than double the number of orders than planned was achieved. To say that the campaign was a complete success would be an understatement. According to Adam Riese, 200% orders also results in 200% satisfaction – at SÜDKURIER and, of course, also here at Schindler Parent. Because the insight developed in the creative planning team clearly struck a chord with the target group. So, there is nothing to stand in the way of other campaigns and projects.
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Michael Meier
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