Pixels for paper experts.

The relaunch of the Kabel website.


The paper mills in Kabel, North Rhine-Westphalia, and Kriebstein, Saxony, are synonymous with premium pulp and paper. It was now a matter of giving the graphic and special paper a digital home – attractive, clear and focused on the product and the people. We were happy to take on this task.

Kabel and Kriebstein have a long tradition, which has resulted in an enormous wealth of knowledge that the employees are very proud of. It was our job to capture and convey this passion for paper – and we achieved it using a reportage shoot, an independent design and clear words. Now, it’s really quick to find what you are looking for, and you notice even quicker just how on fire the people in Kabel and Kriebstein are for paper.

Pride and pre-orders.

Since the website relaunch, the products have been in even greater demand, the shareholders are really happy and, what we are most pleased about, the employees are proud to be part of this new presence.

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Michael Meier

Managing Partner
michael.meier (at) schindlerparent.de