When one chart turns into two films.

CONEXA and LUXORliving – Two films for Theben.


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How do you combine the interests of energy providers and energy consumers? Especially when it comes to Smart Grids, Smart Metering, and Smart Mobility, on the one hand, and Smart Homes and Smart Services, on the other? With its innovation CONEXA, the technology company Theben from the Swabian town of Haigerloch has developed a gateway that connects both sides. We were originally supposed to depict this complex situation in chart form. The result was a film that explains the unique advantages in charming fashion. And because Theben also boasts the mother of all smart home systems in its range with LUXORliving, two films in the same style were created from this. Well worth a watch, in our opinion.
CONEXA is a strategic product. It establishes a bridge between energy providers, on the one hand, and energy consumers, on the other – energy consumers who often not only consume energy but also produce it themselves and feed it into the grid, making them so-called “prosumers”. Then, there are the energy consumers who live or work in a building and have completely different consumption levels for billing, which cannot be determined at all by the usable floor space in the building. The bottom line: To date, the consumer and the producer still speak different languages. With CONEXA, Theben is closing a gap here that is crucial for both sides. In fact, as can already be seen here, in this short description: It’s a matter that requires plenty of explanation. For this very reason, the graphic was turned into an animation that depicts, in a light and entertaining way, what a diagram can only hint at. Conceived and written by us, as well as illustrated and animated by our Berlin partner Breuer und Sander.

Smart Story II

CONEXA – the film was so well-received by Theben that the company immediately commissioned a second film in the same style. Topic: LUXORliving. Originally based on the LUXOR Home Comfort Control System, LUXORliving is, in a way, the mother of all smart home systems. With the sequel in the same style, Theben has chosen a completely new form of communication for the company. Several language versions are now planned. In English and French, of course – but potentially also in Swiss German and Swabian. We’re looking forward to it.
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Sebastian Schnell
Group Head Project Management