Made in Swabia. For Swabians.

The regional event for electricians in Swabia from Theben.


Theben offers a smart-home system that’s incredibly easy to install: LUXORliving. No need for extensive programming expertise. And just one extra cable is needed for every additional electrical installation. Theben will be presenting this additional benefit at regional events in Swabia. Our task was to develop the concept for this presentation: Smart Home – Made in Swabia. For Swabians.

A regional event in Swabia, designed especially for Swabian electricians? That’s practically crying out for a campaign using the Swabian dialect. Oftentimes, using regional vernacular isn’t exactly advisable. And it sometimes isn’t appropriate either. But in this case, it was the obvious solution. Seitenbacher – another well-known Swabian company – sends its regards.

The message: Zwoi en oim. [Swabian dialect for ‘Two in one’]

Direct advertising mail was sent to selected companies in the region to invite electricians to the event. Current customers had already been invited by newsletter. We also produced six video clips to post to social media.

The protagonists of the videos were two Swabian smart-alecks, played by two Theben employees who had already shown off their stage charisma as Theben’s Christmas Singers.

The highlight of the campaign: a Swabian-centric reinterpretation of ‘Sweet Home Alabama’, ‘Smart Home à la Theben’.

Zwoi en oim [Swabian dialect for ‘Two in one’] –

Always good news.

The regional event, which took place in May 2019, was a huge success. Both externally, on the part of the Swabian electricians who attended, and internally, amongst the staff of Theben. The two employees who put on the live act were overwhelmed by accolades from colleagues and visitors alike.

The next event will be held in September 2019.

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Sebastian Schnell

Group Head of Project Management
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