Kampagne für Thüga Energie- Schindler Parent

Power at your fingertips.

Campaign for Thüga Energie.


As a reliable regional partner, Thüga Energie supplies more than 100,000 households with electricity, natural gas and heat. The comprehensive product and service portfolio and the enormous advisory expertise on energy matters – both classic and renewable – needs to be brought to the fore for the campaign.

Impressive motives, strong statements – the Thüga Energie campaign sets itself apart from the monotonous of the big energy providers. The presentation provides potential customers with surprising and sympathetic insights into the diverse range of Thüga Energie products and services.

As well as the various advertisements and the new Internet presence, the “Out-of-Home Offensive” in particular attracted a lot of attention: We underlined the clear positioning of the company with this offensive, at the same time communicating its enormous commitment within the region.

Thüga? Even children get it.

The posters and advertisements have not missed the point. The region was electrified, so to speak. Thüga Energie is not only in every socket, but also on everyone’s lips. The company positioned itself as a strong, regional brand and became anchored in people’s minds.

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Sebastian Schnell

Group Head Project Management

sebastian.schnell (at) schindlerparent.de