Vollmer becomes Fullliner.


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How do you combine a 111th birthday with three technologies that turn a traditional German company into a full-service provider? That – in a nutshell – was the task with which the Swabian grinding and sharpening specialist Vollmer invited us to pitch in 2019. The brief was to creatively marry 111 years and 1+1+1 technologies. The message to be played out at GrindTec 2020 was simple: Vollmer is now Full Liner. And that right there was the core of our strategy.
We turned Full Liner into “Fullliner” and unfolded the whole story of 111 years of Vollmer and the three technologies for sharpening rotary tools – grinding, EDM and the new addition to the Vollmer portfolio from 2020 (lasers) – around the three lll. This is because Vollmer now suddenly offers all of its customers “alll” of the options they could wish for.

The three IIIs are played out consistently across all measures. In brochures, in the staff magazine, on the website, on the microsite and, above all, in the image film, which surfs through the three technologies with CGI and ultra-sharp images of Vollmer sharpened tools before switching to the 111-year anniversary story.

Three lll on all channels.

The Fullliner campaign plays out on all channels – internal, external, online, offline. Be it in the digital staff magazine. As a brochure or as a microsite. The trade fair film – which was originally produced just for the GrindTec 2020 – went out to customers in different versions as a mailing, while running on the microsite and in social media, such as LinkedIn and Youtube. Only the fair itself didn’t take place for the reason we all know. But Vollmer has found a solution even for this – as a digital trade fair on the website.
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Michael Meier
Managing Director