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Vorwerk not only produces what is probably the best vacuum cleaner in the world, it also produces what are probably the best carpets, which you can clean with this vacuum cleaner. These carpets are also even older than the vacuum cleaners (and let’s not even get started on Thermomix). With its industrial manufacturing in the 19th century, Vorwerk was already a pioneer of affordable carpets that (almost) anyone could afford at this time. Today, Vorwerk offers an almost limitless variety of carpets, patterns, colours, designs and thicknesses. Clearly divided into distinct quality levels. Each with a unique brand promise. Vorwerk has now combined the best of these in one package, namely, “Best of Living”, which includes the most sought-after carpets for the private living area. And we have designed the sales communication to go with it.
The time of peak popularity for carpets seems to be over. Parquet and tiles are the floorings of choice. That’s what lots of people think. What is overlooked in this regard is that people often like to use carpets in the commercial property sector. There is hardly a hotel or an open-plan office that would be without the acoustic noise insulation benefits and cosy feel of a carpet. And carpets can also be great in the living area, for example with a stylish mix of materials, surprisingly easy maintenance and with a level of suitability for allergy sufferers of which lots of people are not aware. Because a carpet can absorb dust and allergens, which can simply be removed by vacuuming. And these plus points can still be added to by Vorwerk carpets with their beauty, quality and variety.

These are precisely the points we have focused on in our sales folder for Best of Living by Vorwerk flooring.

Pure advantages and great reasons always go down well.

The Best of Living sales folder presents a successful mix of clear facts about carpets and an excellent and comprehensive product presentation of the whole range. Clearly structured, each flooring is introduced in a general and detail view and its USPs are detailed. The Vorwerk sales team was enthusiastic about this and is using the sales folder as another tool to anchor Vorwerk’s new brand system in the market.
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Michael Meier

Managing Director