Great success at the stand.

Vorwerk flooring rocks Bau 2019.


Vorwerk flooring is the oldest division of this traditional company. Although it is anything but traditional. Except perhaps where its traditionally high quality is concerned. Otherwise enormous activity goes on within the team that develops, manufactures and sells the floor coverings. Tremendously innovative and agile – that’s Vorwerk flooring. And we – Schindler Parent, together with our partner Atelier Seitz – ought to convey this spirit to Bau 2019, the leading industry trade show in Munich.

Together with Atelier Seitz we built a two-storey trade fair stand, which emerged from a guiding principle of the briefing: “Vorwerk flooring ignites the second rocket stage”. The rocket flight depicts a parabola. Due to constructional limitations this turned into three arcs that slide almost triumphantly into the hall. They form a roof over the various product groups, which showcase the almost endless variety of carpets in three display cabinets below.

Collections of samples are embedded in the arcs. Flanking activities included inspiring tile animations and an online configuration tool: an all-round set of coordinated measures and the perfect sales support.

The “sound of flooring” was very well received.

The Vorwerk flooring sales manager for the Alpine region put it this way: “Cooler than we’ve been for decades.” Vorwerk rocked Bau 2019. And not only on the last of five long and busy trade fair days, but strong right up to the end. Not hard & heavy, but smart, soft and smooth – gentle sounds that ensure a pleasant atmosphere, the right fit for new acoustic tiles.     


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