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The Brand Identity for Wirtschaftsförderung Bodensee.


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Wirtschaftsförderung Bodensee (WFB, = Business Development for the Lake Constance Region) is almost something like the good spirit of the region in all economic matters: Always there when it is needed. With words and deeds. With services that many already take for granted. Whether they are cities and municipalities, or companies, professionals, specialists, students, or pupils. And whoever does not take them for granted, probably has not even noticed any business development.

That was the case when the WFB approached Schindler Parent and hired us to create their new brand identity. To give the brand a new face, from scratch. That is exactly what we did. Indeed.

Indeed, brands thrive with continuity. Based on the core of the brand. There is an identity inherent in them. And that was precisely what we set out to preserve, to carve out, to contour. We pinpointed this identity in a branding workshop with the WFB, in which the brand values trust, rationality, and networking clearly emerged. Everything the WFB does is based on trust, it is rational, and it aims at linking the people who shape the region's economy.

The corporate design consequently builds on that - and on the slightly modernised logo. The signet, which is shaped by dots in the corporate colours blue, grey, and magenta, shows the lake and the Lake Constance district and thus visualizes the close link between the region/trust, grid/rationality, points/networking. The word mark in the corporate typeface Netto is characterized by a matching straightforward clarity.

Colours – dots – font of the trademark become the nucleus of the entire brand identity that presents the imagery of the Lake Constance district in a circular frame: Pixels that bring out the main point. The graphical elements are also composed of points: Networking that is expedient. Not only the imagery conveys trust, but also the tonality and typography. Blue as a colour for headlines does two things: On the one hand it attracts attention, on the other it conveys trust. Magenta now serves as an accent colour to emphasize content – whether it is in insets or in the menu navigation on the home page.

Overall, it turned out a consistently uniform and at the same time highly variable brand identity - from the business equipment to advertisements and event communication to the website and the newsletter.


Christoph Siwek
Group Head Text


Michael Meier
Managing Director

A Confident Performance in All Economic Matters.

The WFB positions itself as a clear, direct, and confident point of contact for everyone looking to shape the region's economy. With the promise: "Successfully Network Trust" the WFB connotes both their brand values as well as their core competence, which is bringing people together to achieve more together.
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