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If two do the same thing, it is not necessarily the same thing. Unless both focus on creating synergy effects – such as the Swiss brand agency Accent and the Meersburg communication agency Schindler Parent. The two agencies have entered into a strategic partnership to offer high-value branding to Swiss companies in Germany and German companies in Switzerland – value-added strategies for Brand & Margin®.

The approach taken by Accent and Schindler Parent is to work out each brand’s differentiation characteristics through value-selling and to use these value-added strategies to position brands clearly and unambiguously in the market. The goal is to increase the margin through this “good value for money” positioning. This model of high-value branding applies not only to luxury brands, but generally to any brand – especially in the commodity sector. This is where brand development by Accent and brand communication by Schindler Parent work together when it comes to strengthening local companies internationally – in an analytical and strategic as well as a communicative and design-oriented manner.

Accent, with its international expertise in strategic brand consulting, benefits from the implementation expertise of the advertisers from Meersburg. The Meersburg-based advertisers in turn will now benefit from the spatial presence in Zurich. And the customers of both agencies can look forward to added value in branding and communication. Particularly Swiss companies looking for an agency in Germany are in good hands with the German-Swiss agency team. It is an attractive model for all companies in the four-country Lake Constance region.

Edwin Schmidheiny and Michael Meier, the managing directors of both agencies, have known each other for a seeming eternity. The relationship goes back at least to the year 2000, when Schmidheiny was still at Interbrand Zintzmeyer & Lux and Schindler Parent had just founded a branch in Berlin. They have always valued one another. The “chemistry” was right. Their “thinking” went in the same direction; it was thus only logical that this eventually resulted in more. Things sometimes take time to mature – which they now have. When the two met again in the spring of 2018, it was soon clear where the journey would go.

Schindler Parent
The Meersburg communication agency, Schindler Parent, was founded in 1979 and pursues a B2P (business to people) approach to communication that breaks loose from the usual classification into B2B and B2C. Their claim is always to communicate complexity simply through communication that pays off. This reflects the agency’s claim and promise: Brand & Margin®. The company manages brands such as Ravensburger, RAFI, the Konstanz LAGO shopping centre, the Liebenau Foundation and Südkurier.

Accent Brand Consultants AG
Swiss brand consultant is an international team of experienced brand specialists who have been working for local and world-renowned brands such as Swissair, Novartis, Syngenta, Nespresso or UBS for many years, as well as for many international brands such as Deutsche Telekom, BASF, TUI and Knorr.

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Michael Meier

Managing Partner