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How to Successfully Take Root on the Chinese Market.


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How do you successfully build relationships in China? What’s there to consider if you want to take root in China as a company? What is hot? And what is not? Those were the questions in the focus of the event “Go East – Discover the Chinese Way of Marketing” on 16, May 2017 in Bregenz.

This was already the second joint event in the context of international marketing, hosted by the E3 Network Agencies ZurMarke (CH), Schindler Parent (D), and TOWA (A), in whose premises the second event took place, after last year’s launch “Dach Meets USA” at the Friedrichshafen Zeppelin University.

Blog GoEast Schindler ParentBlog GoEast Schindler Parent

The evening was entirely under the sign of the Chinese Guanxi – the concept of building relationships at the basis of every successful business model. The E3 partner agency Brandigo was invited to come all the way from Shanghai, specifically for this exploration of the Chinese Way of Marketing, represented by Mike Golden, president of Brandigo China, as well as Christian Klepp, director of client engagement. Both have a solid international background and have been successfully working in Asia for more than 10 years.

The event was opened by Michael Meier, managing partner of Schindler Parent and acting president of E3. His introduction was followed by the two China experts from Brandigo offering interesting insights into the Dos and Don’ts of brand strategy, sales, and marketing on the Chinese market. Looking at numerous examples from customers, they pointed out the challenges that this market poses due to its striking differences in language and culture.

The China experts’ exciting insights were rounded off with a summary of surprising trends and practices, presented by Sebastian Müller-Posch, account director at Schindler Parent.

Quite a number of interested people from different industries took the opportunity to attend the event to learn about the challenges on the Chinese market. Some very specific questions from the participants’ daily lives were already answered during the lecture. These topics were deepened in many individual discussions alongside the buffet following the lecture, during which Asian finger food was served in proper style, matching the event.

Blog GoEast Schindler ParentBlog GoEast Schindler Parent

If you have any questions about the event or if you need assistance with the launch of your product in China, just give us a call or send a message.

Antje Koch

Project management/PR