E3 in Rome.
The annual meeting of the agency network.

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All Roads Lead to Rome.

The E3 annual meeting in the Eternal City.

Well, all roads lead to Rome. But where do we go from there? Directly into the future. That's how this year's E3 annual meeting can be described in one sentence. Live and in colour, at last. The participants of the international network of owner-managed agencies discussed processes, procedures, and organisational methods with which the cooperation of partner agencies can be sustainably optimised, both within the agencies and across countries.

For over 30 years, the E3 agency network has been an extremely successful network of partner agencies that offers its clients real added value in global brand communication. Strategies for international campaigns are tested and optimised for their feasibility and cultural compatibility. And the global roll-out is accompanied by partner agencies in the target markets. Short communication channels, fast exchange, and a high degree of efficiency are guarantees for goal-oriented processes in the service of our clients. Flat hierarchies and lean organisational forms are a prerequisite for this. Precisely these topics were presented and discussed at the annual meeting in Rome.

Leading the Way: Holacracy.

One way to make autonomous, self-directed processes more efficient and agile is the principle of Holacracy, which introduces the switch from static job descriptions to dynamic role models. Away from delegated authority to flat hierarchies with shared responsibility. Away from large-scale reorganisations to rapid iterative improvements. With transparent rules instead of opaque orders: thinking and working in circles with clear functional assignments instead of pyramidal structures that know only one direction from top to bottom. The network sees the implementation of this principle as a great way to act even more customer-oriented – and to make the cooperation among each other even more goal-oriented. Schindler Parent is already largely holacratic.

Trend-setting: Emotional Engagement in the Digital World.

Are we still us when we only encounter each other in the form of bits and bytes as pixels on the screen? What lessons did we learn from a world that happened almost exclusively online during Covid? So how can emotional engagement be preserved, increased, and enhanced? That was both the keynote and the workshop of the meeting.

The Future: Africa – The Continent of (Still) Undiscovered Marketing Opportunities.

E3 – that's not just an association of agencies that operate similarly, but of like-minded people. And over the years, new agencies – and minds – have joined. Meanwhile, also from Africa. A development that E3 explicitly welcomes – and promotes. Let's just say this: Africa presents itself as a continent full of new marketing opportunities.

Award-worthy: Best of International Award 2022.

As always, at the E3, the best B2B campaign received the BOI Award. The DEME Spartacus campaign by the Belgian BBC received the BOI in Gold. The Abt Signature Edition Campaign by Schindler Parent won the BOI in silver. What can we say: we are a little proud.


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