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German Design Award 2018 at the Ambiente trade show in Frankfurt

“Strong employer branding that comes across as fresh and original and can therefore ensure a appropriately high level of attention.”

This is the reason given by the German Design Council for the award given to our SP cream cards in the Corporate Identity category. It makes good reading. Because, having been established almost 40 years ago, we are seen as one of the old hands, rather than part of the new generation of agencies. But that’s ok. it was nice to see that we were able to prevail among over 5,000 entries and that we were able to impress alongside the other 1,695 winners from a wide range of categories.




At the award ceremony in the forum of the Messe Frankfurt exhibition centre, as part of Ambiente, the world’s largest consumer goods trade show, in attendance this time from our side were Johannes Kretz, Group Head Art, Sebastian Schnell, Group Head Project Management, and Christoph Siwek, Creative Consulting and Group Head Text.

The setting was thoroughly festive. Jil Sander was awarded Personality of the Year, although unfortunately she was unable to attend due to illness. The honouring of 45 gold prizewinners in total was accompanied musically by electronic music composer, Efdemin. The product design exhibition at the trade show and the communication design exhibition at the Museum Angewandte Kunst Design Space had an appeal all of their own, especially the latter, half of which took place in digital animation, while real exhibit items were displayed in former bank safes. A fine illustration of the value of communication design.




It was good to be in attendance in any case, since our SP cream cards were already among the prizewinners at the Red Dot Award 2016 and the iF Design Award 2017. You could definitely get used to this …

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