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-my report on the last day


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It’s morning and I’m ready at ten to nine on the dot – or perhaps not. The ‘all-rounder’ lady on reception, Daniela, introduces me to the complicated parking system for the first time. Now I am ready.

As part of an orderly climb up the career ladder, I take my place right in the attic – with company management and the most beautiful view of the sea. I am immediately told that my actual place (back on the ground floor) is not free yet and that me sitting here is an exception. Shame, I thought. But I thought wrong: Arriving a week later downstairs in the project management, I was welcomed into the team by super-friendly colleagues. I worked here with colleagues and quickly became part of the team. Thank you for that, my lovely PMs!

My tasks were to make the coffee (i.e. press one button for coffee and another for frothy milk) and then prepare customer cases. In doing so, I was able to gain insight into some exciting customer projects and see how diverse the work is at an agency. I took on the task of preparing an online editorial plan for a customer from the service area; I also prepared the content for social media pages (Facebook and Instagram) for another (food & beverage) customer myself. At one social enterprise, I devised their future communications strategy together with colleagues and the customer.

I very much enjoyed the task of taking out the (old) beer from the agency. Two hours in dress, really, thanks :-D. It was the only really “typical” internship job though. And apart from that: A lot of research on a wide variety of topics and of course one or more Excel tables – for example, analysing surveys.
Overall: what is often conveyed to you as the theory of marketing, you get at lightning speed. To work practically with lovely colleagues and lots of new inputs has been a lot of fun. I learned a lot in the agency particularly in the area of content marketing.

All in all, I can highly recommend that everybody gives a young and dynamic agency like this one a try, because agency life like this involves something different again: Lots of different personalities with different ideas – it is always exciting and diverse. Because I have to continue to prove and expand my business knowledge, I have nothing more to say other than to thank you all for a great time and the warm welcome at your company!

For any questions at any time:

Sebastian Schnell

Group Head Project Management
sebastian.schnell (at)