Swedish queen named the Mentor rose.
And we were allowed to help shape the event.

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Mentor year highlight 2023: The ceremonial rose naming on the flower island of Mainau.

As a cooperation partner, Schindler Parent provided communications support for the event.

Am 11. Oktober reist Ihre Majestät Königin Silvia von Schweden extra an den Bodensee, um am großen Stiftungsevent teilzunehmen und die neu gezüchtete Mentor-Rose zu taufen. Alles ist prächtig geschmückt; und stimmig im neuen CD – von den Einladungen über die große Fotowand und die Rollups bis hin zu den ausgelegten Flyern.

For many years now, we have been responsible for Mentor's communications and support the foundation with program flyers, giveaways, posters, its website and social media presence - and also when events are scheduled. Like last week.

The background: In May, the newly founded Mentor Academy will be launched. The in-service training program is aimed at mentors, i.e. adults who want to motivate young people in the context of foundation formats, inspire them with their own stories and strengthen them in the long term. To support this commitment and thus the exchange between young people and mentors, the world-renowned family business W. Kordes' Söhne is breeding a new rose. For every Mentor Charity Rose sold, 1 euro goes to the Mentor Academy - several thousand rose bushes have already been sold.



Why a rose, you may ask. There is a beautiful symbolism behind the idea, which Bettina Countess Bernadotte, Chairwoman of the Board of the Mentor Foundation Germany, explains vividly: Just as a rose has small pointed thorns, it is not always easy with young people during puberty. But with a lot of attention and care, over time the bud turns into a beautiful blossom; the same applies to the young people who develop their personality during this phase, literally blossom and grow up. In her speech, HM Queen Silvia of Sweden also explicitly emphasizes how important it is that the young people are surrounded by people who accompany them in this process, listen to them and give them good advice. The queen then christens the cream-white rose "Mentor" with water from Lake Constance. It is a solemn act in front of the audience and the press, more than 100 invited guests are present, among them many sponsors and partners, representatives of various noble houses, the District Administrator of Constance Zeno Danner, dm Managing Director Christoph Werner and many other personalities. By the way, the event was moderated by the actor Oliver Wnuk, who was born in Constance.

In the afternoon, the award ceremony of the mentor student competition took place here, where the classes of the cooperation schools presented their creative project on the topic of role models. The Sommertalschule Meersburg took first place; the students present received their certificates from Queen Silvia and Countess Bettina in person.



The Palm House is beautifully decorated for both events. Flowers hang from the ceiling, colorful information flyers lie on the bar tables, a presentation in the background on the stage accompanies the speeches, and selfies are diligently taken in front of the mentor photo wall. Our Schindler Parent mentor team implemented all of these media and event materials to support the event. In addition to the creative staging of the foundation, the program naturally also contributes to an all-around successful event: Surrounded by the greenery of the plants, a student* big band creates an exuberant mood, and guests hear a poetry slam contribution on the topic of being a role model as well as an entertaining lecture on Generation Z. There is a lot of attention to detail in the entire organization of the event; you can just feel that the commitment to the Mentor Foundation Germany is a real affair of the heart for the foundation team. And we at Schindler Parent are delighted to be part of such a great cause and to support Mentor with communications for many future projects.


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