We Did Not Create Our Amazing Network to Catch Fish.
Even Though We Are at the Shores of Lake Constance.

Our extensive network.

Without a safety net.

We support our customers in conquering national and international markets. That takes extraordinary ideas, and most importantly, the right partners.

Of which we have an abundance at our disposal. As a member of the E3 network and the GWA, we are exceptionally well connected within the industry. In addition, we have been cooperating with the Friedrichshafen Institute for Family Entrepreneurship of the Zeppelin University, the Hamburg Office for Brand Development and the swiss brand agency Accent. It goes without saying that we, as a service provider, place immense value on excellent service providers.


Swiss Accent Brand Consultants is an international team of experienced brand specialists who have been working for local and world-renowned brands including Swissair, Novartis, Leodan or Bernische Lehrerversicherungskasse for many years, as well as for many international brands such as Deutsche Telekom, BASF, TUI and Knorr.

The cooperative project with Schindler Parent aims to leverage the differentiation potentials of each brand through value-added strategies for high-value branding in order to position the brand clearly and “affordably” on the market, thus purposefully increasing its margin. This is where brand development by Accent and brand communication by Schindler Parent work together, especially when it comes to strengthening local companies internationally. In an analytical and strategic as well as in a communicative and design-oriented manner. This is certainly a model for success in the four-country intersection region around Lake Constance – and of course in Zurich.


The International E3 Network

E3 is an international network of independent agencies. Cultural knowledge and professional expertise are brought together here to provide each customer with a simple and effective solution to their international challenge. In cooperation with our partner agencies we realize projects all around the world – flexibly tailored to the customer, the task, and the respective country.

GWA – An Association of Communication Agencies in Germany

GWA represents the interests of Germany’s leading agencies and thus simultaneously represents a brand and a quality seal. After all, its participants are the best communication agencies of the industry.


BrandMaker is a leading provider of marketing resource management and customer engagement software. In other words, the German software company fills the often gaping void between marketing and sales. With BrandMaker PACE, the Personalized Automated Customer Engagement tool, we at Schindler Parent create individually tailored customer journeys that lead to improved customer relations and qualified leads. Here the interested party makes their own choice as to what content is personally worth reading for them.


HubSpot is a software solution for managing and implementing inbound marketing campaigns. In other words: Advertising messages are created and placed in such a way that they will be found by the customer. Findability of content; blog entries, guest articles, videos or podcasts is ensured using social media marketing or search engine optimisation. As a total solution, HubSpot thereby offers a comprehensive set of tools for measuring, evaluating and analysing campaigns. In this way, new customers can be gained and existing ones retained.


Showpad is a Sales Enablement Platform for sales and marketing – especially in the B2B sector. Showpad turns a linear presentation into a digitally supported conversation. Sales accesses the clips, charts and concepts that are needed in that moment simply, quickly and flexibly. This is how Showpad makes every phase of the customer journey dynamic. At Schindler Parent, we customise the Showpad service portfolio to meet the needs and branding of our clients. One of the most efficient forms of digital sales support.

Service Provider Network

Photographers, film studios, bloggers, printers, programmers, event agencies – Schindler Parent’s list of service providers is nearly endless. Each of our partners deserves to be named individually. Unfortunately, that is impossible here as it would certainly reach far beyond the scope of this text. However: We promise to think of every single one of them as soon as a matching project comes along.

Studies & Research

We have been supporting family entrepreneurs in their brand work for many years. To be able to give even more thoroughly founded advice on brand management, we are keeping abreast of the latest research – and we also contribute our part.

Schindler Parent supports, among other projects, a study on “Brand Management in and of Family Businesses”, conducted by the Zeppelin University Friedrichshafen. This empirical study identifies specific characteristics and success factors with which family businesses can tap their full potential. We then go on to immediately implement the results in our consultancy and guide companies to achieve better results in their brand work – always keeping the families’ interests in mind.


Speaking of Science, if two people do not act similarly but pursue similar goals, then this applies to our agency and the Hamburg Office for Brand Development. The strategically substantiated findings of our cooperation partner are creatively realised on our end. Not always, and not for all customers, but always when the task requires it. This has already been proven in numerous joint projects.