When counts call.
Employer branding for the Zeppelin Group.

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When counts call.

Schindler Parent supports the Zeppelin Group in the area of employer branding.

When counts are called, there is usually a good reason. But of course it also depends on who the counts are calling. In this case, it's us - Schindler Parent. We are delighted, because after all, the Zeppelin Group is not just any company, but a foundation company with an extraordinarily exciting history.

With his foundation, Count Ferdinand von Zeppelin wanted to (and did) give back to society something of what he had previously received from it: something of the unique sum of donations that had been collected in what was probably one of the very first fundraisings in Germany and which enabled him to set up his company after a ruinous accident with his airship. The Count was on the brink of bankruptcy, but the appeal for donations then flushed the founding capital into his coffers, which he used to establish Luftschiffbau Zeppelin GmbH and the Zeppelin Foundation.

Would you have known? No? Read about it: Here you will find these and nine other stories about the Count and the Zeppelin Group and what makes them so special. And that brings us to the reason: the Zeppelin Group is a strong brand - and wants to become an equally strong employer brand. In other words, it already is, but not everyone knows it yet. And this is where Schindler Parent comes in.

Our mission: to support the Zeppelin Group with employer branding. So that - when the counts call - they also appeal to those who are currently being desperately sought everywhere: Specialists, new employees and all employees who are already with the company.

We are part of it. And we are delighted.

Welcome, Zeppelin Group.


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