Nominated again.
Our SP Cream Cards for the German Brand Award.

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Nominated again. Our SP Cream Cards for the German Brand Award.

The German Brand Award is an award for brands and their creators. It makes brand success visible. Its jury members and its awarding authority are independent. Its criteria are communicated openly. And our Cream Cards were worth a Special Mention 2018 by the jury with the help of these criteria. 45 cards, 45 topics from A to Z, wildly exciting motifs, CD-compliant content – the corporate guidelines from… wait just a minute!

Haven’t we already reported on this or on something similar? Correct. We have. Several times. At the Red Dot Award 2016, the iF Design Award 2017 and most recently the German Design Award 2018, and now again the German Brand Award 2018.

We would like to take this as an opportunity to point out one small detail: Sometimes 43 motifs were mentioned, sometimes 44, and now 45, which sounds a bit like we ourselves do not exactly know what was produced by our creation on one day, in the one room on the one weekend in January. But, of course, this is not the case.

It is a fact that: The SP Cream Cards are corporate guidelines in postcard format and thus primarily a working tool that is supposed to help new employees quickly find their way around the agency in a fun way (this is not so difficult and has worked for (almost) everyone). But because there are always new topics, new cards are added from time to time. If the SP Cream Cards had been written and printed just once, rigid and unchangeable, they would hardly have received the attention they have received in the meantime.

This is probably the reason for the Special Mention in the category Excellence in Brand Strategy, Management and Creation. Which is something we are delighted with.

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