Alle Facetten der Kreation bei Schindler Parent

Talk is silver.

Delivering is gold.


Our Work.

As the old saying goes: “Talk is silver. Delivering is gold.”

Nobody in your industry has done it like this before? Exactly.

Spirit at INNO.

Video clips, website, flyer and trade fair stand for an extraordinary employer.

The most beautiful carpet for your home.

Vorwerk flooring discovers the private living area.

 Geschäftsbericht Ravensburger

Playful Development: the mission is being researched.

The Ravensburger 2018 Annual Report

Long Live Diversity.

The campaign for the LAGO Shopping Centre in Constance.

The printed pages of communication.

New brochures for PlanetHome.


Woodwork. Using our hands and our hearts.

Maßarbeit – the SME journal by HOMAG.

Hands on wood.

The HOMAG campaign for craftsmanship.

Freshly packaged

The Hirsch product relaunch

Made in Swabia. For Swabians.

The regional event for electricians in Swabia from Theben.

Share it like INNO.

The INNO Website.

How do you insulate?

Ideally, just like in our puren explanatory film.

Next-generation label paper.

Product launch Xect Label.

From the clip to the job.

The Lake Constance Region Healthcare Association career videos on

Great success at the stand.

Vorwerk flooring rocks Bau 2019.

Thinking one page ahead.

The campaign for SÜDKURIER Online.

Standing tall.

puren at the Dach+Holz 2018.

Now you know.

Brand positioning for INNOSYSTEC.

One theBUDDY for life.

The Theben partnership concept.

50 years is long.

Just like our anniversary fanfold for puren.

Digital Renovation is Our Business.

Web relaunch for the KLS Martin Group.

Better trained than vain.

The RAMPF apprentice campaign.

Four generations and the Ravensburger gene.

The Ravensburger 2017 Annual Report.

First port of call for orthopaedics.

Communication for the Vincentius Hospital Lake Constance.

Healthcare has meaning.

Traineeship brochure
for GLKN.

Flexible, clear and to the point.

The sales tool for disruptively introducing Sappi Galerie Brite Plus.

Keeping the cold at bay.

New campaign for SWISSPACER.

Loyal to the line.

New brochures for Grömo.

Hirsch on the Road again.

A promotional film for all those who love beer.

A clean line.

Arnold Glas’ new brand image.

Continuous brand update.

Ten years of the Ravensburger Annual Report.

A strong message.

Philosophy and image films of Stiftung Liebenau.

 Der KLS Martin Auftritt auf der MEDICA- Schindler Parent

State-of-the-art medical technology.

The KLS Martin exhibit at MEDIC.

 Ravensburger Geschäftsbericht 2016- Schindler Parent

Dialogue with target groups and experts.

The Ravensburger 2016 Annual Report.

No more fears regarding electrosurgery.

KLS Martin’s maXium® smart C brochure.

 Texte für den Strellson Onlineshop- Schindler Parent

Looking exceptionally attractive.

The Strellson Online Shop.

Working for the holiday.

Carthago motorhome catalogues 2018.

The stories behind the history.

A hidden champion divulges from the ‘little toolbox’.

Texts in OLYMP.

Online texts with SEO focus for OLYMP.

A real feast for the eyes.

The new website for Backhaus Mahl.

The wondrous journey of EKI.

A tale for children and engineers.

Storytelling for easy access to abstract themes.

Sabee brings emotions to the development of the Sapp work culture.

 Markenauftritt für die Wirtschaftsförderung Bodenseekreis- Schindler Parent

Spot Landing
with Regard to
Economic Issues.

The Brand Identity for Wirtschaftsförderung Bodensee.

Making a splash.

Hirsch Helles Product Launch.

It doesn’t get any more convenient.

The Südkurier digital campaign.

High-tech in its purest form.

The trade show debut for Witzenmann at Semicon Europa

Plastic in a Whole New Way.

The motan Brand Identity.

 Der Ravensburger Museumsführer- Schindler Parent

A charming

The Ravensburger Museum Guide.

and perspectives.

The employer brand Stiftung Liebenau.

Always an Event.

The motan Trade Fair Booth.

Corner with Character.

mo's corner.

Communicating complex information
in a clear and credible manner.

The new brand identity for Stiftung Liebenau.

for the Plastics Industry.

motan News Customer Magazine.

A question
of drive.

The SINAMICS campaign for Siemens.

Quality over

The customised trade fair stand for RAMPF.

Automatically Good Arguments for Sales.

The Theben KNX Solution Brochure.

Creating Fibonacci
stone by stone.

RAMPF corporate design.

 Theben Corporate Design- Schindler Parent

Distinctive in Every Application.

Theben Corporate Design.

Digital building blocks to touch.

The new Hermle software brochure.

Mindfulness Is Getting Attention.

Theben Brand Management.

 Theben theMA Mitarbeiterzeitung- Schindler Parent

Employer Branding Along the Lines of Mindfulness.

The Theben theMA Employee Newspaper.

 Crossmediale Kommunikationskampagne für Sappi- Schindler Parent

Direct mailing, landing page and AdWords for effective multi-channel communication.

Sappi-Cross-media communication campaign to defend the market position.

 Nachhaltigkeitskampagne für Sappi- Schindler Parent

Facts packaged
into stories.

Sappi-Storytelling for successful communication on the issue of sustainability.

Think inside the Box.

The Black Box Project for Iggesund Paperboar.

Addicted to Glass.

Heinz-Glas Brand Positioning.

The Brand Experience at the Luxepack Monaco.

The Heinz-Glass Booth.

Makes You Want to Become a Glass Maker.

The Heinz-Glas Image Brochure.

Staging Magical Moments.

The Heinz-Glas Image Brochure.

Provides Activating Moments.

The New Corporate Design for RAFI.

 RAFI Website- Schindler Parent

Brilliant. Digital. Emotional.

The New Website for RAFI.

Presents Special Moments.

The new RAFI Image Brochure.

 in-akustik Tasty Sound Collection- Schindler Parent

Excellent Design for Every Taste of Music.

in-akustik Tasty Sound Collection.

Brand Instead of Blister.

in-akustik Packaging.

How to break a taboo.

Content marketing for the incontinence product femifree.

Yes – It's JOOP!

Texts for the JOOP! Online Shop.

Hidden under the hood.

Corporate design, packaging and event management for Pentosin.

Power at your fingertips.

Campaign for Thüga Energie.

 Produktrelaunch Hirsch Natürliches Donau Radler- Schindler Parent

Tastes Great Anywhere, Naturally.

Product Relaunch Hirsch Natural Danube Radler.

Golden for Image Cultuvation.

The Hirsch Image Brochure.

All That Glitters Is Gold.

The Hirsch Gold Stuff Launch Campaign.

Recently at the men's shared flat.

Hirsch Gold and Pils Radio Spots.

About the Perfect Shape.

The Image Film for EBZ.

Bake, bake, hurra!

new look for Backhaus Mahl specialist shops.

You Just Want to
Take a Bite.

The New Corporate Design for Backhaus Mahl.

Pole Position Corporate Design.

The ABT Brand Identity.

 Die ABT Imagebroschüre- Schindler Parent

From the Racetrack to the Paper.

The ABT Image Brochure.

Up Is the New Way on Displays and Screens.

The Product Launch for Upscreen Bedifol.

Value selling for one of the best cables ever.

in-akustik Reference Selection.

Icons on ikono.

A marking campaign for Zanders cult-favourite pape.

 Markenauftritt für Sto- Schindler Parent

It’s not just a facade.

Brand image for Sto.

Design as an expression of attitude.

Corporate Design for Maybach.

We’re on track now.

A new brand image for BRAWA model railways.

Securing leading positions.

Brand image for Metabo.

Palpable intelligence.

Corporate identity for Sick.

Where success lives.

Brand identity for IHK Bodensee-Oberschwaben.

Nicht grübeln. Dübeln!

Campaign for fischer.

A classic, in every way.

Corporate design for DaimlerChrysler.

One Group, one spirit.

New brand structure for the Swiss Air Group.

Good Vibrations.

How we gave a voice to hearing health science.

Yesterday – Today – Tomorrow.

New brand image for the Bern-based teachers’ pension scheme.

There’s always a manufacturer behind the product.

Packaging design for Novartis.

Hybrid private banking.

A design system for Privat- und Handelsbank Zürich.

Refreshing an Airline.

Strengthening the Swissair brand.