Among the TOP 5 at the Hare Hunt.
Creative competition for 50 years of Playboy Germany won.

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Backhaus Mahl featured in Playboy. Who would have thought?

In 2022, Playboy Germany will be 50 years old. A creative competition is being held to celebrate the occasion. The assignment is: to design an ad motif (for a real customer) that playfully engages with the PLAYBOY brand. Participation is open to creative agencies, individuals, and teams from all over Germany.

The creatives at Schindler Parent feel challenged by the task. After the initial ideas and sketches, the creative team takes the challenge in full stride. They design and write what they can. With client approval, the ads are submitted to Playboy. The deadline is the 23rd of May. Now it's time to cross our fingers. The weeks fly by, and the excitement never ceases to grow.

28th of June, an ordinary working day, the eagerly awaited mail arrives in Meersburg. SENDER: Playboy Germany. RECIPIENT: Michael Henckus. Our media designer's ad makes it into the top five of the national competition. Awesome. The print format shows two freshly baked rolls in the perfect ambiguous angle. The motif and claim "50 years and still really hot." suggest what the logo confirms: Michael Henckus designed the ad for our client Backhaus Mahl. A bakery in Playboy. Who would have thought? The traditional bakery is delighted about nationwide advertising - all without commission or costs. Let's toast your success with a glass of bubbly, Mikey. Great job!


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Michael Meier

Managing Director