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Which Goals Can Be Met with Which Social Media Channel?


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Possible Communication Measures for Social Media Channels

Which Goals Can Be Met with Which Social Media Channel?

Do we, as entrepreneurs, need Twitter? Or Instagram? What do we actually do on Facebook?

Social media channels, like all other channels or communication measures, are just tools. They can be good and sensible, or completely useless. Just which channel you use should not depend on trends or a spontaneous idea. It should rather match the goals you set for your marketing, or in this case, for your online marketing.

What tools are available in the realm of social media, and what can you achieve with them?

Clearly, the most popular channel in social media is Facebook.

Here are a few basic thoughts on using Facebook for businesses:

  • Goal: Customer loyalty through ongoing communication; not, however, a medium suitable to make announcements
  • Communication at eye level with users
  • You have to appear in the newsfeed: Hardly anyone visits

Facebook pages

  • Number of subscribers does not necessarily mean more success and more reach
  • Content only visible for a fraction of subscribers
  • Communication opportunities enable possibilities for interaction and ensure content visibility
  • Costs arise when ads are placed
  • Maintaining a Facebook page is a considerable amount of work

After Facebook, Twitter is the most used social network in Germany:

  • Only suitable if you regularly have thoughts you want to tweet
  • Real-time and discussion medium. It’s about news and not about what you’re doing.
  • Needs its own content strategy. Content from other social media channels cannot simply be reposted on Twitter.
  • Networking with influencers is gold
  • No immediate costs but a considerable amount of work

Advertising opportunities on Twitter?

  • Building a base of followers
  • Increasing reach and interaction
  • Getting clicks on webpage
  • Getting app installs

What to post? Because just being there does not guarantee awareness!

+ Content with news character offer ways to interact and get retweets

+ Current content

– Low-engagement posts and questions

– No advertising messages

– No fun content as a brand

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