Auf die Strategie kommt es an.

It all depends on the strategy.

Two-page article in Wirtschaftsmagazin Bodensee 2018.


The best strategy – by far.

Creating the perfect brand image with the right process.

When a product finds itself in a highly competitive environment, in which competitors are also invading the company’s own territory, good advice is needed. It doesn’t have to be expensive, but should definitely contain the right strategy. Because only this can secure the long-term sales growth.

SWISSPACER is one of the leading manufacturers of “warm edge” spacers. Many probably aren’t familiar with this term. And yet nearly everybody has spacers built into their homes, namely as part of double glazed/energy-saving windows. They maintain a gap between the individual glass panes and thus protect the room, where a mixture of gases ensures the desired thermal insulation. Originally made from metal, they were the point where warmth could escape from the inside to the outside because of their heat conducting properties – the thermal weak spot of all double glazed windows so to speak. In discovering the “warm edge” – i.e. a spacer made from plastic – thermal conductivity could be lowered, thus significantly increasing energy savings.

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