How do you advertise as an SME.
The topic at the RTS Entrepreneur Dialog: Employer branding.

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Employer branding for SMEs.

How small and medium-sized companies attract and retain employees.

That was the topic of this year's RTS Entrepreneurial Dialogue Fall 2023: Employer branding for small and medium-sized companies. How do you win the race for young talent and capable minds when the budgets for HR marketing are much smaller than those of large corporations and corporate groups (answer below)? And how can you be perceived not just as an employer, but as an employer brand? And what exactly is the difference?

The event hosted by the tax consultancy RTS at the Owingen Golf Club near Überlingen on November 9, 2023 was dedicated to questions like these. Keynote speakers were Sascha Schmidt and Michael Meier from Schindler Parent. Title of the presentation:

"Future-proof as a small or medium-sized company through HR marketing: analysis, strategy and creative implementation for authentic employer brands in the competition for talent"

This was well received by the 35 or so entrepreneurs who attended. If only because the need for manpower has become painfully clear to everyone present. Awareness is also slowly growing that even the best HR marketing does not make an employer brand. A fruit basket alone and a table football table on top of that are only the first steps towards an employer culture that employees can - and want to - identify with. But the examples presented, which demonstrated measurable success, showed that this is possible and how it can be achieved.



While the warm-up at the beginning was the right appetizer to raise the above-mentioned questions, the answers provided by the presentation were discussed in depth afterwards. These included the question of whether the typical SME - if it exists at all - could afford employer branding. One visitor gave the answer herself: Of course, because effective employer branding not only helps to find new employees, but in particular to retain existing employees. And nothing is more expensive than finding replacements for lost employees. There is no better way to put it.

All in all, it was an inspiring evening for everyone involved. Many a thread was woven that will certainly be continued. Perhaps with you soon. If employer branding is also an issue for you, just give us a call.


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