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The Schindler Parent Christmas campaign.


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Even though our customers, suppliers, and partners weren’t naughty but nice this year and completed amazing projects with us, they did not receive any gifts. We had a different idea.

While working for our customer, the Liebenau Foundation, we gained valuable insight in their daily work. Every day we saw them helping people who live on the fringes of what we would consider a normal daily life. Right away we knew who should get our Christmas presents this year.

Together with the foundation, we quickly found a project we were happy to support. More precisely: establishing a full-coverage WiFi-network at the residential school of the Vocational Training Centre Adolf Aich. That should give the adolescents the opportunity to communicate flexibly and independently with their friends and family. Being an advertising agency, the topic of communication was clearly made for us. But we did not just want to donate. We wanted to lend a hand. The result was our Christmas campaign. All of our employees quickly agreed to join in.

At the Christmas Bakery.

The big day arrived on 24 November. Some of our employees set out early so they could be at the Vocational Training Centre Adolf Aich by 7:30am. It was time to bake our voucher-gingerbread and Linzer tarts. And not just a few of them. After all, they had to bring enough money into our coffers to finance the WiFi-network. Working together with the young people from the Vocational Training Centre, we kneaded, rolled, baked, decorated, and packaged the sweets. The hardest part was to get the gingerbread into the foil instead of the bellies. But we are very proud to say that the result proves that everything worked out perfectly.

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At the Advertising Bakery.

A week later the visual design for the campaign was to be developed. In order to do that, seven adolescents from the Vocational Training Centre came to see us at the agency. Five of our employees taught a workshop for them, in which they gave them an understanding of our agency and different jobs in advertising. After that, the advertising materials were designed in teams. At the end of the day, our visitors not only knew our daily work, but also had had the chance to actively participate in designing hangtags for the gingerbread as well as posters and banners for the Christmas market booth. They were part of finding ideas, doing photoshoots, retouching photos, and designing texts – from the start to the finished layout. For a golden finish, every participant could already take home a freshly printed poster and a group picture.

In the cold of the Liebenau Christmas market.

Finally, everyone who had not been part of the baking or the workshop, stood inside our booth at the Liebenau Christmas market. In shifting pairs, they advertised our exclusive WiFi-gingerbread and Linzer tarts for two days in icy cold weather, with warm hearts, and candlelight. Successfully so. The gingerbread and Linzer tarts sold like hotcakes – if that comparison is appropriate here. After removing the booth and checking the cash, it became crystal clear: Sales were much higher than expected and the campaign was an absolute success. No more waiting for the WiFi hotspot.

But that’s not the full story. Our employees were so convinced of the idea and the project that they thought we should not only do without gifts for our customers but also without gifts for themselves. They had the idea that everyone should pick a project for which the corresponding amount of money for their Christmas gifts should be donated.

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And these are the projects:

  • Save me Konstanz (
  • Lunita (
  • Radio 7 Dragon kids (
  • Friedrichshafen Animal Shelter (
  • German Handicapped Sports Association (
  • Child Welfare Organisation Germany (
  • Germany for World Hunger Aid (
  • 24 Good Deeds Calendar (
  • Neven Subotic Stiftung (
  • German Child Protection Agency (
  • Sonja Reischmann Foundation (
  • Liebenau Foundation (
  • JAM Germany (
  • Terra Tech (
  • Cancer Centre Hegau-Bodensee (
  • Dogs for Handicaps (
  • Animal Shelter Konstanz (
  • Project of Nepal (

Do you have any questions regarding our Christmas campaign, our customer Liebenau Foundation, or the Vocational Training Centre Adolf Aich? Please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Antje Koch

Project manager/ PR