Diamonds Are Hubspots Best Friend.
The B2B Marketing Lab is Hubspot Diamond Partner and Schindler Parent is a partner of The B2B Marketing Lab.

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The B2B Marketing Lab is the largest EMEA Hubspot Diamond Partner. Their head office is in Great Britain and they have a branch in Singapore, as well as in Germany now too. Where? Here at Schindler Parent, on the Uferpromenade. How did this happen? Collaboration on projects. What will this achieve? Lots, for businesses that know how valuable content marketing is. But let’s take it one step at a time.

HubSpot is the international inbound marketing provider that shows businesses how they can reach customers in the places that these customers are located online in order to offer them the solutions that they need. What do customers get out of it? Targeted communication instead of blowing your media budget by using a broad-brush approach. The B2B Marketing Lab is a British agency that swears by HubSpot and is now HubSpot’s top EMEA partners with over 60 licences and more then 60 customer projects. Schindler Parent is a HubSpot partner, as well as a member of the E3 agency network, which is also part of The B2B Marketing Lab. So, it makes sense for two agencies with the same goals to work towards them together. And that’s exactly what we are doing. Schindler Parent is the point of contact in Germany for all businesses who want to launch targeted content marketing campaigns.

A joint project for the Swedish industrial group Atlas Copco has already shown how it works and proven that achieves gets results.

About The B2B Marketing Lab
The B2B Marketing Lab is a B2B agency that developed out of the ITPR Group in 2012 and now focuses entirely on content marketing, with over 35 dedicated HubSpot experts. This has helped the company to become the largest HubSpot partner in the EMEA region in just a few short years. With over 160 projects, The B2B Marketing Lab has the most HubSpot certifications.

About Schindler Parent
For almost 40 years, the Meersburger Agentur has been supporting predominantly medium-sized enterprises and international companies. The agency focuses on brand-oriented communication in the B2B area and employs around 35 employees at the Meersburg and Pforzheim sites. It has been a member of the general association of communication agencies GWA e. V. since 1989 and a member of the international agency network E3 since 2007.

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