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A career with prospects.

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Social Media Expert: A Job with Prospects.

The digital transformation is in full effect. Not only changing us but also our careers. Only a few years ago, the thought of working as a digital nomad seemed unreachable and like a silly dream for many. Today, this dream is within reach. You do not need to start an online business to be able to work free and independently. For copywriters, translators, social media experts, and many others, it is already possible to work online exclusively. Not only wherever but whenever they want. However, after a whole year of social distancing, this prospect might have lost its touch.

In any case, the possibilities and developments in the virtual world increase, improving employment opportunities immensely. Many companies have already relocated their offices into virtual spaces, exclusively working online with their employees being widely scattered around the country or around the world. Working together in an office was not possible or even welcome during the Covid pandemic. People are meeting and working more and more virtually. Working from home and at a computer paints a positive picture. Freelancers and employees are greeted with various new opportunities while the digital transformation progresses.

While the "world of media" is buzzing with new prospects, companies are fiercely trying to stay ahead of the game. À la carte: A website alone is no longer enough, as all the essential social network channels are now on the menu. Anyone, who does not want to get lost in the shuffle, will know the importance of being present on all the relevant social media channels. Networking and disseminating information about one's company online are here to stay. Most founders have grasped that in addition to a company website, a profile on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and more, is nowadays a prerequisite for a competent and efficient internet presence.

After all, the external demand is ever-growing, and the competition is constantly becoming stronger. Consequently, advertising and social media marketing is not only more in demand but also imperative. It communicates the core message of a brand, product, or company. Therefore, social media experts must stay on top of current trends to improve and keep corporate communications up to date. Hence, a social media expert muddles through the social media jungle, armed with knowledge about all there is to know about social networks.

But What is a Social Media Expert?

Aren't we all social media experts today? Most of us use social media daily, but not every self-proclaimed social media expert is a professional. To be interested in social media, online communications, and online marketing is a definite must. Experts know their field of expertise like they know the back of their hand and can discern the differences between the various social network channels in the blink of an eye. They shine with their know-how, work in different areas for companies, non-profit organizations, or public institutions, and deliberately promulgate a company's message online.

Nevertheless, that is not all they do. The job specifications for social media experts are indeed extensive. They don't randomly share content on all social media channels but strategically plan projects and campaigns. They constantly stay up-to-date with the newest trends, and only then do they post well-thought-out content. They do not count likes or followers daily but control the reach and engagement of the companies. They analyze the target group and competing businesses while communicating with followers and clients.

Thus, they are essential to customer loyalty and must be well acquainted with a company's products or services and the firm itself. Hence, they ensure effective social media marketing.

How Does One Become a Social Media Manager?

They need not have a major in informatics but must be creative and good at their job. Nothing says "supreme discipline" as much as social media marketing, as it requires tremendous expertise. Thus, the question arises: How does one become a social media manager? And what does one have to know in this line of profession? Firstly, a social media expert must understand how the desired content reaches the right target group. Therefore, they edit the content accordingly since it always must be inspiring and relevant. It is a trenchant interaction of target group, content, and social media platform. Hence, they can improve conversion rates, as the social media jungle is a pure communication science in itself.

And then, of course, the credo is: advertise, advertise, advertise. But even that sounds easier than it is. Digital media experts work with strategy and a crystal-clear plan. They define goals and create concepts. They conduct research, take care of content creation, and make editorial plans. These plans not only save time but also provide insight. Then it's time to get down to business. Excuse me - the business of scheduling, of course. They must plan content and postings, while promotion must also not be left out.
Community management and reporting follow. Here, they monitor the social networks with a watchful eye and get in touch with clients and customers. They make sure that comments or messages from interested parties are responded to because it's all about interaction and engagement.

Finally, reporting is one of the most crucial steps. Here we verify whether the objective has been achieved. It is a so-called final analysis. This is not only essential for the customer but of utmost importance for us as an agency. Here we identify any need for optimization and determine which goals we achieved.

Social Media – In-house or Outsourced?

Whether you choose to do it in-house or outsourced depends on your needs. However, we would like to state in advance that it is always good to have employees within your company who know a little about social media. Nevertheless, they do not necessarily have to be specialists in this field. Partner companies can provide such expertise. In other words, B2B. Partner firms will look at your company from a different perspective and can support you with new and creative ideas. Therefore, the job does not necessarily have to be done in-house.

Outsourcing social media tasks present numerous advantages. Agencies bring the know-how of real professionals to your door, and years of experience are part of the deal here. In sum, it is more effective and saves the resources a full-time in-house position would require. Special equipment and various tools from the agency can also be of enormous benefit in terms of technical resources. Furthermore, strategy development is another essential aspect to consider. Because here, too, the guidance of a specialized agency can be groundbreaking.

B2B as Conclusion: Expert Outsourcing at Lake Constance.

In order to find professional advice regarding social networks, you don't have to look for marketing agencies in Berlin, Hamburg, or Munich. You can easily find the right agency at Lake Constance as well. Here, agencies can also impress with competent content. They are adept at using Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Keynote, and the like.

At Schindler Parent, for example, we have very accomplished employees who support not only us but you with their expertise. For example, our speaker in the area of "creating content which hits home," Michael Meier, knows what it takes for you to reach your target audience. His presentations with extensive information and additional topics are now available as a webcast. You can find more information in our previous blog post.


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