Analysis and Strategy Are Our Diving Board.

For Plunging into Creativity.


Brand consulting with strategy.

Understanding people. Positioning brands. Conquering markets. We strengthen brands in many different ways – all of them are expedient.
There are countless channels that flow into each other. We keep the overview. You keep the revenue.
Looking at the customers to understand what they want - putting oneself into the customer's shoes. That's what matters. That's what we specialise in.
We elevate your sales department to the next level. To lift it to eye level with your customers.
Brands with actual added value have added value for the customers. We know what appeals to your customers. And we turn you into a brand that inspires people.
What we place online are not offers, but solutions. That's how we turn searchers into followers, and followers into customers.
Available berths are highly sought after at Lake Constance. So, we know exactly how you can become an attractive port of call for competent employees.
Am Bodensee sind freie Anlegeplätze heiß begehrt. Wir wissen also, wie Sie zu einer attraktiven Anlaufstelle für kompetente Mitarbeiter werden.
Minor disagreements happen in the best of families. Unfortunately, not all families happen to have a strong brand. Together, we can change that.
Developing a brand is not a democratic process. To come up with a clear profile, tough decisions must be made. We help you make the correct ones.

Omni Channel

When communication and sales strategies make use of different channels to reach the target group, this is called multi-channel. When these channels are joined somewhere along the process, that is called omni-channel. It sounds complex, and it is. But it’s worth it.

Our comprehensive strategies often contain online and offline measures that pick customers up at different points of contact. This allows us to communicate your brand message with the respective target groups. We are happy also to develop an individual omni-channel strategy just for you.


Service Design

At Schindler Parent, design is not inevitably connected to optics. Because we do not only design the visual appearance of your brand, but also your interpersonal impression. We have a specific service design process with which we develop or optimise your service offer to match it to your brand and your people.

That is how a service offer is created that will remain on people’s minds. Our design is geared towards the needs of the target group to unravel a brand’s highest potential: Satisfied customers.


Marketing and sales often act independently of one another. The result: Brand appearance and customer contact diverge notably. For years, this has been our starting point when supporting brands.

When we develop relevant communication measures, we want to involve the sales department from the very beginning. For us, sales matters in three important aspects: In all communication measures, the sales department the customers’ first point of contact, it is also the point of contact for all further target groups, and it acts as one of the most important brand ambassadors of all.

Our sales analysis builds a foundation for creative concepts that support the sales department in what they do best: Sell. At the same time, we ensure that all measures comply with the brand’s appearance. At the end of the process, the sales department receives a comprehensive set that provides support in all areas, from product presentation to talking points for the customer service.


VALUE Selling

For us, value selling is one of the cornerstones of sustainable brand work. According to our value-oriented sales philosophy, we satisfy the needs of your customers by providing tangible performance advantages – including added value that can be experienced.

To be able to use this strategy expediently and thus profitably, above all, the brand, the product, and the target group need to be fully understood. Here, we are persistent. Until we understand everything down to the smallest detail and can identify the relevant truths. After that, it’s all quite simple: The brand must keep its promise at every single point of contact.

Ausgewählte Referenzen


Brands need to address people where they search for answers: On the internet. Here, we place content that is not only being found by the target group, but also being read. Because they are relevant and offer actual added value to the reader. That way, we can introduce bands to people. This is how we do inbound marketing.

It requires a considerable amount of planning and empathy. Therefore, a detailed analysis always has to be done right at the beginning. Basically, it is a form of empathy based on methodology. With the aim of providing people with actual added value in the shape of answers, advice, and background information. Your future customers will thank you.



It has become increasingly difficult for companies to find qualified employees. That’s why turn companies themselves into brands. Using that as a basis enables us to develop promising strategies for the labour market.

Applicants and employees alike are thus convinced by an attractive brand appearance. As so often in life, one thing is extremely important here: Authenticity. Employer branding can only work if every single employee identifies with the company’s values and lives by them.


Brand Management for Family Entrepreneurs

Family businesses are fascinating, not only to us. There often is a unique spirit inherent to them. For years we have busied ourselves studying the extraordinary features of family businesses. Numerous strong brands and even stronger partnerships have emerged as a result.

This was possible not least because of our long-standing cooperation with the Friedrichshafen Institute of Family Entrepreneurship that is part of the Zeppelin University. Due to our insights, we, at Schindler Parent, can give you advice that is more competent and substantiated. That way, we achieve our common goal: Sustainable success that remains in the family.


Brand Consulting

Brands are an expression of identity. Their strength depends on the degree of their credibility. A brand’s core values make up the basis for that. They drive the brand, give it stability, and personality. By way of understanding the core values, we can position a brand clearly.

For almost 40 years, our core competency has been to position brands. Without exception, every measure is a sound investment in the brand. How people can be addressed may vary depending on the target group. But whether we communicate with customers, employees, or investors, the core message remains unchanged.

We combine strategic brand management and creative solutions with current findings from science and research. It only makes sense that we cooperate with the Office for Brand Development in Hamburg when it comes to questions of brand development. A sociological approach concerning brands helps us to interlock Brand & Margin® even more closely.