Strengthen Your Brand Through Gamification

Four Goals Your Brand Can Reach Through Gamification.


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Strengthen your brand through gamification.

The term gamification encompasses a new trend that began to catch on about two years ago. Now, gamification is considered “the next big thing” after the social networks.Mankind plays more than ever before. As a result, gaming elements became a language that we now instinctively understand and combine with positive feelings. That is what gamification is based on.Generally speaking: Gamification is the use of gaming elements and processes in non-gaming contexts.It is not a “game”, for the term is quite inaccurate, but rather a program with which you can reward, validate, and motivate your target group.

But why that?

Brands often face passive, distracted, and jumpy customers. They are very quickly bored by the mass of information pouring in on them every day and they are less and less loyal to brands.

Gamification allows for creating excellent customer loyalty to a brand.

#1: Appealing to the target audience and retaining their attention in the long term.

#2: Increasing customer loyalty, for customers commit to an emotional long-term relationship with the brand.

#3: The brand is associated with very strong, positive emotions by the target group.

#4: Without being forced, the target group takes certain actions in a predictable way.

This is how gamification allows for creating optimal customer loyalty to your brand.

This only works, however, if gamification is not used for its own sake. Just like any other measure, gamification requires precise planning and consideration. Most importantly, the goal of the measure needs to be considered carefully (What should the target group become motivated to do? And how can the target group be rewarded?).

Gamification does not run by itself, but when properly used, it can be a very powerful process that strengthens the target group’s awareness of your brand.

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Michael Meier

Managing Director