It's Never Too Late to Teach.
We Appreciate That.

Study and research are part of our every day lives.

Knowledge is power. To pass knowledge on is a duty. Therefore, we rely on a close exchange between scientific theory and tried and tested brand experience – that goes both ways.

Some of our employees share their vast practical experience with students at the University of Applied Sciences in Konstanz. Also, when brand management is a topic of discussion within the scientific discourse, people from Schindler Parent frequently appear as speakers – as guest lecturers, key note speakers, or interview partners.

Continuously transferring knowledge works both ways.

Another example is our cooperation with the Friedrichshafen Institute for Family Entrepreneurship. The findings from our empirical study on success factors and potentials for family businesses certainly shape our branding work. In turn, the companies themselves benefit from this.

And since we are almost frighteningly curious, we also pounce on topics that are not necessarily related to the subjects of brand or margin – at least not at first glance. As a leading advertising agency, we also know that career jumpers and mavericks often have the best ideas. And that’s why we keep our eyes and minds open for new things.