An increase of 1,537 percent.
This figure belongs in the business magazine.

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To the top with SEO. A Topic for the Bodensee Business Magazine.

With the right strategy, relevant keywords and informative content, we succeeded in achieving a four-digit growth rate for evonos.

SEO - Search Engine Optimization. Or: The brilliant ranking tool for the top positions of the search engines. At least when used correctly. But that's not so easy, because Google's algorithms are difficult to understand. And capricious to boot.

Anyone who has a problem and is looking for the solution on the Internet usually looks at the first few hits. Most people are too impatient to search through pages 2, 3 or 4 for suitable search results. After all, Google is supposed to make searching easy for us.

It is therefore important for potential solution providers in all industries to rank high. Because that brings new customers and, as a result, higher sales. Nice prospects, but is there a more concrete way?

Our customer evonos is currently experiencing what a sophisticated SEO strategy can achieve. The leading supplier of neurosurgical implants and instruments from Tuttlingen is ranked in the top 100 in market-specific search queries with a total of 803 keywords. evonos has also recorded an incredible increase of 600 percent in the most coveted positions, namely the top 3: the company ranks completely organically for 49 highly relevant keywords without any ads.

How did we do it? With careful analysis and relevant, high-quality content on product pages and in blog posts. Designing informative content on specialist topics such as "trepanation," "decompressive craniectomy," "craniocerebral trauma," "subdural hematoma" or "cranial perforator" is a real challenge. But it has succeeded, thanks to the copywriter's years of medical technology industry experience and close collaboration with a physician who reviewed the articles in detail before publication.

Of course, a few other factors count as well to ensure that the result of an SEO strategy ultimately reaps increase rates of up to 1,537 percent. What these are, you can read in the full article that we published in the business magazine „Bodensee 2023“.

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Michael Meier
Managing Director