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Natural Intelligence.

One agency. 80,000 bees.

Some time ago, we ran a blog article on artificial intelligence. The tenor was that communication without artificial intelligence will no longer exist in the future. But also: that artificial intelligence cannot replace creativity for the time being. Creativity is and will remain - at least for now - one of the most salient characteristics of natural intelligence. And the word "outstanding" already brings us to the keyword "sustainability.

Here we are guided - as always - by the best: bees.



Bees are currently making a real splash in bionics, too. In research, physicists and engineers are drawing inspiration from the almost mathematically exact honeycomb structure for innovations in the fields of aviation and mobile communications technology. Technically perfect and excellent at bee-to-bee communication, we have brought 80,000 of these sustainable marketing experts - no, not into our house, but into our garden. In other words, for several weeks now, two bee colonies have been brainstorming in round dances in front of their two cute little offices. They are in the middle of the creative process of a campaign that translates the benefits of brand & margin into a form of excellent organic honey.

Now, of course, these are not just any bees: they come from the best family - namely from the parental business of our social media manager Hanna Miller. So they bring a lot of experience with them (first-class honey, excellent margin). So you're putting a whole new spin on our Bee-to-Bee communications. And we are very confident that the result will be excellently received by our customers.

If you are not yet one of our customers - and you were just missing a final touch to become one: Here it is - we are sure: this will be just to your taste.


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Christoph Siwek

Creative consultant / Head of Text