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Brand strategies are based on a process of constant self-assurance. Checking whether the brand image is still consistent is something that just needs to be done from time to time. You need to know if the message is still heard outside, at the markets, – and if it is believed. Companies can usually tell quickly whether or not something needs to be done. They just don’t always act immediately. It’s only when the level of suffering is too high that they sometimes force themselves to take action. This is usually when an agency or a management consultancy is called in. And a brand workshop is almost always key to a sharpened brand profile.

But who participates in it? And what’s supposed to come of it? Often, the decision makers in a company think they can handle it themselves. They are sure it is just a matter of clearing up a few things, making the right decisions, and then pushing them through – no matter what. But it’s not that simple.

Brand images come alive through different perspectives: How do you perceive me? How do I perceive myself? What am I? What could I be? That is: A brand is the sum of images that people retain of it. And a little more. That’s exactly why brands have an aura. And paradoxically, brands can be dazzling while simultaneously possessing sharpness.

To unveil the multidimensional nature of a brand image, brand workshops provide ideal conditions. However, they can only succeed if all those who play a role in the company are invited: the opinion leaders, the multipliers. For this is the second most important target group of any brand. Anyone who does not engage them, who does not consult them, and who does not acknowledge them as internal communicators, tries – metaphorically speaking – to cross a river without a bridge.

Anyone who finds, includes, and takes those employees along on the journey, does not just get to the desired shores without getting their feet wet. But also, they build a team that can accomplish anything. A team that will also reach the other target groups. The dealers, the customers. Everyone who wants their brand, and only their brand.

So, who is the most important target group? And how do you reach them? Find out – and download our post.

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