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Schindler Parent reveals what brand communication for startups needs to look like.


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Schindler Parent reveals what brand communication for startups needs to look like.

Starting with a proverb from the construction industry: “First the basement, then the roof.” What is true in the world of concrete, beams, and building foam is also valid in brand communication. But let’s ease the tension and cut to the chase: The basement is the strategy, the roof the external communication. Let’s leave it up for discussion whether a metaphor involving a shell construction and a façade would be more apt.

But the message should be clear. Before the plastering can start, the basic scaffolding must be set up – it is unbelievable how much construction and brand communication have in common. Enough with the excursions. After all, this is about start-ups and not about construction co-operatives. Startups need strategies – like all other companies. However, in terms of communication design, startups are a stroke of luck. They are malleable and dynamic; There are no encrusted or diffusely grown structures here. A unique opportunity to plan and create. One that has to be taken.

But how to do this best? Quite simple: With clever ideas, meaningful unique features, and a clear positioning. Admittedly, it is not that simple – often small or large construction sites come up along the way. Schindler Parent is happy to help building contractors complete those. That’s why we compiled a list of the most common mistakes that can happen during the founding of a company.


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