Delicious packaging design for GAFATEAM.

Food packaging has to do a lot. They have to show what's inside. They have to convey a wide range of food-related and legal information, and on top of that they have to look delicious. Many suppliers try to be flashy, loud and colorful. Not so GAFATEAM. From now on, the partner for good food will be playing a completely different card: Clean-chic - elegant packaging design developed in Meersburg's Uferpromenade.
The idea was simple: to take a completely different approach to packaging design. Show good quality without a lot of fuss. No distractor here, no distractor there. Without this otherwise obligatory viewing window, through which you can see frozen products, but hardly anything else. Ice cream on raw potato sticks, pale shimmering broccoli. Not with us. Everything that can be prepared with food from GAFATEAM, we served appetizingly for the camera and recorded for a delicious photo shoot. Instead, our packaging now shows perfectly prepared food. Them and only them. In the moment before consumption. Released and clean. On a white background. With hierarchically clearly structured information. Because that's exactly what GAFATEAM stands for with its Pickosta* and Garanta brands. Impeccable quality.
  • 500 packages to tear open and bite into.
    a new logo, an elegant design, elaborate shooting and complex handling - piece by piece, a new gafateam brand image has emerged with each package.