All That Glitters Is Gold.

The Hirsch Gold Stuff Launch Campaign.


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Hirsch developed a new beer – a full-bodied, golden yellow lager with a round, smooth body. This was to be launched, with the complete package. This includes everything, from the name and the label to all necessary marketing measures. The goal was to reach a younger target audience with a traditionally brewed beer.
A name for the new beer was quickly found. Once we saw its golden yellow glow in the glass, it was obvious: Gold Stuff. When designing the label, it was important to us to emphasise the traditional embossing of the lager. That is why we opted for a historically looking motif with a stag in a slight retro design.

Along with the trendy bottle, we positioned Hirsch Gold Stuff as a fashionable beer for a somewhat younger target audience. To build the bridge from the tradition of the beer to an up-to-date positioning, we placed all our bets on stylish pretentious kitsch when designing the campaign motif. The patterned wallpaper, the golden stag and the black and white look – all that pays into one theme. The consciously chosen feminine testimonial adds a certain lightness to the concept and also heads for the desired younger audience.

Perfectly Put in the Limelight.

By presenting the bottle along with the motifs, we managed to establish Hirsch Gold Stuff in today's youth culture. Be it in bars, pubs, or clubs, the lager is popular with the target audience. That way we could not only gild the days, or rather the nights of the young people but also our customer's numbers.
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Michael Meier

Managing Director