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in-akustik is a provider of Hi-Fi, video and multimedia accessories. The brand Referenz probably produces some of the best speaker cables on the market. And the cables from the other product lines also do not need to hide from the competition. And they don't. The question is: How do they stand out from the other products at the POS? How do you show at first glance what you can only really hear after the purchase? Through a packaging that visibly stands out from the grey monotony. And precisely that was our task from in-akustik.
Packaging enables the most indirect brand experience of all. It transports brand values and creates desires. Where they can be realised immediately. At the POS, the point of sale. If, and only if it distinguishes itself from the direct environment. That was the starting point for our design. Where everyone relies on the inevitable blister packaging to show the cable connections, we took a different road: 3D renderings that showcase the product – all the products – excitingly.


The message we sent that way transports more than just the quality of the product. The packaging becomes an expression of the corporate design, the corporate identity. Choosing carton as a material stands for sustainability, paper competence, printing competence, and an understanding of shop fitting. Whoever comes across in-akustik products looking for quality at the relevant specialised dealer no longer needs to turn their head left or right. They are exactly where they want to be - with in-akustik.

Its Worth its Prize(s).

We delivered packaging in six sizes and twelve languages, for the four quality levels Reference, Excellence, Premium, and Star. The design of our packaging concept has already convinced specialised dealers. And it supplied sales with the best arguments to add it to their range of products. Quality that's worth its price. Also a form of sales consulting. On top of that, the independent juries of the Red Dot Award and the iF award were thrilled and thought our packaging worthy of their prize.
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Sebastian Schnell
Group Head Project Management