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Hirsch Gold and Pils Radio Spots.


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There was no specific task given from the client to the agency. That is why we came up with one by ourselves. Particularly, our goal was to transfer the campaign for Hirsch Gold and Pils through radio spots to regional radio programmes, to make Hirsch known to prospective customers in the region. The customer was so enthusiastic about this idea that it did become a task from them after all. Precisely: The implementation of three radio spots.
Durch die Kampagnenmotive haben Goldjunge und Glückspils auf Großflächen und in Fachzeitschriften schon zusammengefunden. Da war die Idee, das Motiv einfach zum Leben zu bringen. Oder besser gesagt zum Hören. So sollte die bereits begonnene Personifizierung der beiden Biere durch Radiowerbung fortgesetzt werden. Und zwar in einer Männer-WG, in der sie alltägliche Situationen erleben, die alle stets denselben Ausgang nehmen.

Astounding to Hear.

The radio spots on Radio 7 in the Tuttlingen broadcasting area were really well done and extremely well received both with our agency and with our customer, Hirsch Brewery. But the most important thing is that we have recalled the brewery in the region's people again and to a comparatively low budget. On average, we reached about 1.4 million ears with the spots per week . Darauf kann man schon mal anstoßen.
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Michael Meier

Managing Director