Meaning and Perspectives.

The employer brand Stiftung Liebenau.

The increase in shortage of skilled workers: shortage of nursing staff. As a growing social enterprise, Stiftung Liebenau is constantly looking for nursing staff and many other skilled workers. Accordingly, the need for communication is great. In this case, the complexity was also great: After all, a communicative framework for education, health, care, participation and commercial facilities of the foundation had to be developed.
Future is the buzzword par excellence when it comes to employer branding at Stiftung Liebenau. We have loaded concise terms that clearly go in this direction and are currently on everyone's lips - with meaning and perspectives. The result is a fresh campaign that focuses on people and their literally future-proof work.
Whether as a large-scale ad, print ad, or social media post - the
campaign unfolds its full effect in every format.

  • "You hear and read it every day: the market is empty. Nevertheless, we were able to inspire many people for the foundation. Thanks in part to Schindler Parent."

    Christoph Möhle, Head of Communication and Marketing, Stiftung Liebenau
  • The number of applications and, more importantly, hires speaks volumes: the campaign is working.