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The Theben KNX Solution Brochure.


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If heating, ventilation, climate, light, and blinds are automatically adjusted correctly in a building – at any day, night, and season, then there likely is a KNX building automation at work. And to make sure that it actually is by Theben as often as possible, the Haigerloch family company has instructed us to realise a solution brochure for them. One that addresses installers, system integrators, planners, and architects. One that sales can use as a line of argument with customers.
Sales consulting. Sales support. Providing arguments that convince customers. At all levels. On the thematically superordinate level. On the application level - all the buildings and fields of application. And at the product level. Storytelling that conveys partnership and stands for reliability and appreciation. Content that is usable for content marketing. This was the conceptual approach guiding us designing the brochure.


The superordinate framework consisted of the corporate design already developed for Theben. Like the catalogue and the new products brochure, the KNX solution brochure is also part of the corporate publishing. International, multilingual, and including the coordination of all translations and the complete print production - everything from a single source.

Simple, Comprehensive, and Quite Beautifully Illustrated.

The finished product is a brochure one wants to work with. (VOM WEIL*) Just because it simply is a clear and comprehensive introduction into the topic of KNX building systems technology, and because it provides arguments for solutions to the sales department that are automatically well received by the customers and their customers.
More information is available from:
Sebastian Schnell
Group Head Project Management