Higher Traffic, Lower Bounce Rate

Increase in Traffic Thanks to AdWords.


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Gaining a high profile is the name of the game for every new start-up offering an innovative solution in a competitive and confusing market. To get satisfactory results on a small budget, Google AdWords makes for a proven tool. With a budget of only €500, we placed three ad campaigns for a customer in a period of two weeks. Each of the campaigns had its own theme and was linked to a specific page of the website used as a landing page. On each landing page, we placed a “call to actions” with clickable links that were tracked as conversions. This enabled us to review and evaluate the performance of the campaigns very closely. Overall, the ads on AdWords generated 93,758 impressions and 1,589 clicks. These led to 6,658 conversions on the site. In just 14 days, the campaign increased the traffic on the customer website by 400% and, much more importantly, lowered the bounce rate by a total of 50%. We have thus reached the goal of creating more relevant traffic. This example proves once again that AdWords and online marketing are generally underestimated by B2B companies, and, when being used, are only run infrequently or inconsistently. We’ve already been planning further measures for our customers.

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