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fruitcore develops industrial robots with a perspective.

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Robotics is the future of industrial processes. Thanks to HORST, the versatile industrial robot from fruitcore, automation is now also becoming tangible for small and medium-sized companies. After all, the robot’s grabbing ability is simply a matter of programming. The intuitive “horstFX” software programme makes this possible in just a few minutes, even for those without a background in computer science. With this innovation, the young company fruitcore is setting a milestone in industrial robotics: cross-industry automation has never been so uncomplicated or inexpensive.

Constance is where everything related to HORST’S development, production, sales and more takes place. In order for HORST to be able to see the world – and above all, for the world to be able to see HORST – we are supporting fruitcore in giving its innovations a platform.

For more information, please contact:

Michael Meier

Managing Partner