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25, April was a historic day for Meersburg at Lake Constance. The small town with its 5000 inhabitants belonged to the greater Stuttgart area for once. Although it sounds pretty funny, there is a sound explanation. But before we get there, we must disappoint all those who were hoping for a transport connection of Meersburg into the Stuttgart public transport network. The membership of the metropolitan area was limited to just one day.

The event Adday/Adnight 2017 at the Stuttgart City Hall was the reason for it. Students and alumni from the fields of communication and media studies in the region had the opportunity to learn about professions and jobs in the advertising industry. 16 agencies from the greater area of Stuttgart took part – as well as we, from Meersburg at Lake Constance.


There were many ways of getting interesting information and helpful tips from the agencies. Every agency had a small “fair booth” in the entrance area, where one could talk to the young people in a relaxed atmosphere. And then, the agencies had to sell themselves as well as possible in 10-minute presentations in the large conference room. Advertising in their own cause, so to say – minus ad blockers and zapping possibilities. Next door, the students could talk to professionals to get a first-hand account of what it means to be copywriter, planner, art director, or consultant. And for those who wanted be cheek by jowl with their desired agency, there was speed dating in the evening. However, the flirting parties did not want to give away whether the first date lead to becoming the next dream couple right away, or at least a second date.

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For us, the event was a complete success all around. Not because of the After Networking Party. Although this was one not to be despised, it shall not be addressed here any further, because of reasons. What made this a success for us were the numerous new contacts of potential new colleagues, which had to be packed into our car along with our advertising material for the journey back home.

Long story short: We’ll be there again next time.


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