Above the Rooftops of Stuttgart.

The E3 Network Meeting from 18-21 May 2017 stood by its formula “Born to Move.”


Above the Rooftops of Stuttgart

The E3 Network Meeting from 18-21 May 2017 stood by its formula “Born to Move”

Whoever meets at the Stuttgart event and meeting room SKYLOFT, enjoys a fantastic view of the city, even if the sky is at best cloudy or even overcast. The participants of this year’s E3 agency meeting surely enjoyed the view. However: Only in the short breaks in their tightly knit program. And due to the event’s motto “Born to Move”, there was not even a hint of an ivory tower atmosphere, despite the height. Metaphorically speaking, the motto provided perfect grip and ideal road holding. It could hardly have been better chosen, given the fact that the combustion engine was invented in the chronically underestimated city, and that Daimler and Porsche make Stuttgart a city of cars par excellence. By the way: This meeting ranked as one of the most highly attended E3 meetings ever.


The E3 Network Agency itself was entirely under the sign of movement, as it significantly expanded its international radius with four interesting new members. Among them the B2B Marketing Lab and The Marketing Practice, two British agencies, and the Swedish Cordovan, yet another Scandinavian agency. With Vero PR & Digital Agency, which is highly successful in Thailand, Myanmar, Singapore, and Vietnam, the E3-Agency Network now has an even stronger anchor in the Southeast Asian region. And because this has not nearly been enough with the international expansion, a new partnership with the largest South American network of independent agencies LEAG – Local Experts Agency Group, begins to become apparent.

More movement is hardly possible. At least not considering space. In the heads, yes. Because the journey of brand communication heads more and more in the direction of inbound marketing. Virtually none of the participating agencies’ end-of-the-year-reviews went without a specific focus on content, and its no longer deniable importance.


The Creative Effectiveness Workshop with Lukas-Pierre Bessis on Saturday demonstrated that even with a strong focus on inbound marketing, creativity cannot become a surplus, but remains essential at the core of brand communication. In six hours, participants explored the possibilities of how to systematically come up with better ideas in small teams quicker and more goal-oriented. After this program, each and every participant was ready for the museum. And what would have been more appropriate than the Porsche museum, that offers inspiring ideas on how to get horsepower onto the streets.

Then, the meeting was concluded, again over Stuttgart’s rooftops. This time, however, not in the SKYLOFT, but at the Cube restaurant at the Stuttgart Palace Square. Not only was the food excellent, but also the award ceremony of the BOI Best of International. Gold was awarded three times among 18 submissions – to Sweden, China, and Germany. Also that makes for a compelling expression of lived internationality. We, Schindler Parent, are pleased ourselves, along with our customer, to have been awarded a BOI silver for the Liebenau foundation.


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